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The Women of FootGolf World Cup Orlando 2023

Meet six of the nearly 120 women from around the world coming to compete in the 2023 FootGolf World Cup in Orlando, FL., May 27-June 6.


ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, May 8, 2023/FootGolfNews -- Nothing shines brighter than the diversity of 1000 competitors from 40 countries competing at an international sporting event. The 2023 FootGolf World Cup includes nearly 120 female competitors from 39 countries who have added FootGolf to their lifestyles. Here are six of them:


The United State’s own Jordan Nichols is a 23-year-old bartender, musician, and DJ from Aberdeen, MD. She started playing soccer at three years old and played in college at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut. Jordan discovered her love of FootGolf while interning with her mentor and friend David Andler, who will also compete for Team USA in the 2023 FootGolf World Cup.

Jordan Nichols U.S. National FootGolf Team
Jordan Nichols - U.S. National FootGolf Team

The first time she stepped on the course, she was instantly hooked and signed up for the 2021 USA FootGolf National Championship, “The Nationals.” Just one month after her first FootGolf experience, Jordan won the women’s National Champion title. Since then, she finished second at the 2022 US Open, undefeated at the 2022 Jansen Cup, and placed second at the 2022 USA National Championship. “Now, with two years of FootGolf experience under my belt, I am ecstatic to travel back to Orlando and demonstrate the expertise and skill I have gained, competing against an unbelievable field of women footgolfers,” Jordan says.

Laura Rolli - Germany National FootGolf Team
Laura Rolli - Germany National FootGolf Team

Laura Rolli is a 26-year-old executive recruiter from Germany and a current Footballgolf world champion, which led her to play FootGolf. She began her FootGolf career in 2018 and has won events in Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Her most significant success was winning “The Classic,” a major FootGolf tournament in Switzerland, three times in a row. Laura has been a member of the German national team since 2018 and will compete in her second FootGolf World Cup in Orlando after finishing fifth at the Marrakech World Cup in 2018. Laura expresses her excitement: “I am super excited to be part of the German national team and able to play the World Cup this year in Orlando. The pictures of the courses and the surroundings look stunning.”

Lucia Čermáková hails from the small village of Lab in Slovakia. This 24-year-old studies Physical Education and Sports at Comenius University in Bratislava, specializing in fitness coaching and teaching physical education. She works part-time as a nanny and a youth sports trainer.

Lucia Čermáková - Slovakia National FootGolf Team
Lucia Čermáková - Slovakia National FootGolf Team
" I'm happiest when someone is more excited about my victory than me. ”
— Lucia Čermáková

Lucia discovered and fell in love with FootGolf five years ago after playing football (soccer) for most of her life. Her first visit to the Netherlands brought her The Masters title, and last year became Slovakia’s national champion. Lucia tells us, “I’m happiest when someone is more excited about my victory than me.”

Naoko Miura - Japan National FootGolf Team
Naoko Miura - Japan National FootGolf Team

From Odawara, Japan, comes Naoko Miura, 31 years old, playing in her first international FootGolf event. Her employer, COMTEC, sponsors Naoko, and she migrated to FootGolf from soccer in 2019 after suffering ligament damage in her ankle. FootGolf was a sport that enabled Naoko to continue competing with her soccer skills but not have to run as much. She credits Kazumi Tomizaw, Takuya Kumakur, and Yusuke Tachibana for her ability to play at a high level. “The existence of these three is very important. They made me stronger, and now I aim to win individually and on the team,” Naoko says. “I want to say thank you, and I love you to them.”

Andrea Carolina Chapa Lozano, was born 30 years ago in Monterrey, Mexico, where she still resides. I’ve been singing since I was 16 years old. Andrea started playing FootGolf in 2019 when a friend invited her to play in a tournament in her hometown. The pair ended up in first place and has not quit playing since then. Andrea has twice won the Mexican national championship and has competed with pretty good results in various Opens.

Andrea C. Chapa Lozano - Mexico National FootGolf Team
" I really think I’m in excellent shape to go and represent my country and return home with a very good position.”
— Andrea Chapa

She was selected to compete in the first FootGolf Masters in the Netherlands, and recently won the Honduras Open and was runner-up at the Mexico Open. Andrea remarks about the 2023 World Cup. “I’ve been training and preparing myself for this massive event. I really think I’m in excellent shape to go and represent my country and return home with a very good position."

From south of the equator comes Claudia Rios Kattan, 40 years old, from Santiago de Chile. She is married to Andrés (Andy) Parada, also a Chilean National FootGolf Team member.

Claudia is a journalist and political scientist, but her entrepreneurial spirit has her working on her own company that distributes fresh fruits and vegetables at home. In 2019 and 2021, Claudia was Chilean National Champion. In 2022 she represented her country in the Copa Sudamericana. Claudia also started working within the Chilean FootGolf Association to help grow FootGolf in her country. She helped create the program “Fanáticos del FootGolf,” which was transmitted through national media outlets and the world wide web. “For the 2023 World Cup in Orlando, I will give everything, and I want to represent Chile in the best way, both in the team and

individual competitions,” Claudia says. “I want

to be among the best players worldwide and

lead Chile to be among the best four countries

in the team competition.”

All roads lead to Orlando and the FIFG FootGolf World Cup Orlando 2023, May 27-June 6. These women and over 100 others are training and ready to compete for FootGolf’s highest honor – a World Cup championship. It will be a magical time for players and their families, many visiting the United States for the first time.


About the FIFG: The Federation for International FootGolf is the world’s governing body for the sport of FootGolf. Its primary function is to promote worldwide recognition of the sport of FootGolf. In addition, it oversees international development and growth to ensure equitable play for all players. To reach a goal of fair play for all, the FIFG established the international rules of play and the constitution of FootGolf, which all members agree to abide by.

To watch the FIFG FootGolf World Cup Live on the FootGolf Channel

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