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Fun things to do, beautiful things to see, good food to eat—Florida remains the vacation kingdom with good reason…


  • They don’t call it “The Sunshine State” for no reason 

  • Out of this world theme parks

  • More surf n' sand than any other state

  • We have a ton of SPACE 

  • Major league shopping therapy

  • Foodie heaven

  • Florida has oodles of history

  • Florida is brimming with beauty

  • Value for money compared to other worldwide popular areas

  • Family-sports-party friendly beaches

  • Outdoors and nature

  • Make the most of Your trip


From natural wonders to fantastical journeys of imagination, visitors to the Sunshine State will discover a long list of things to do in Florida. There's no U.S. state quite like Florida, where strawberries grow in winter and beaches beckon year-round. But, oh, Florida is so much more. Shopping, museum-going, tropical rambles, historic stops and all manner of water sports showcase the state's versatility from big-city experiences and small-town fun to the planet's most beautiful landscapes. There are more than 1,000 golf courses, too.


Florida has more than 1,300 miles of coastline, and much of that is made up of sugar-sand beaches. Each region's beaches have their own personality. The laid-back Keys are often called America's Caribbean and the azure water surrounding the string of islands certainly backs up that claim. South Florida's beaches dance to a Latin beat and the Space Coast offers wide, packed sand that is perfect for bike riding or perching to watch surfers and rocket launches. The Gulf Coast beaches are among the nation's most lauded with unparalleled sunset views. The Northwest beaches are deep and inviting, playing host to visitors from far and wide, all on the hunt for things to do in Florida.


Visitors looking for fun water things to do in Florida's interior will find it at various lakes and tributaries just as good for fishing as they are for kayaking and canoeing. The natural attributes of Florida attract thrill-seekers as well as those who want to kick back. Some 20 state parks are a draw for campers and hikers to diverse locations around the state. 



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