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America is home to thriving tourism, and the population is familiar with welcoming visitors from all over the globe that come to visit. The tourism industry is booming across the country, and there are plenty of facilities, offers, and attractions that are made with tourists in mind.

Take advantage of the opportunities that hosting the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup in America will bring to our FootGolf community. While the experience of visiting the USA will be new to some players, there are many reasons why it’s worth it to start planning two years ahead.


“They say everyone should visit the United States at least once in their lifetime, and here are some reasons why…”


  • It’s easy to travel to and around the country

  • It’s like nowhere else in the world

  • Great history, attractions and sports 

  • It’s a true melting pot

  • There are tons of plentiful and interesting cultural sites

  • The food is delicious and cuisine is from all around the world


  • You can’t beat the scenic views

  • You will experience a different way of life

  • Tourism is important to the country and Americans thrive on it. 

  • There are big cities, small towns and plenty of hidden gems

  • You will learn to appreciate your own lifestyle

  • You will remember America for the rest of your life!



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