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Building a New Sport Takes Vision and Leadership

Meet South Africa’s Mr. Norman Mphake

South Africa has a rich sports history, including soccer and golf. Now, FootGolf has entered the South African sports scene, led by Mr. Norman Mphake. Read more about how one man’s leadership has South Africa’s national FootGolf team heading to the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup Orlando 2023.

“FootGolf in South Africa was officially established in 2014. Subsequently, I was invited to join and assist

in the development and growth of the sport. I formally started taking full responsibility for the sport as

the executive director in 2017. FootGolf has been and continues to be the best professional gift I have

given myself or allowed myself to be a part of. It is a journey like no other, especially for someone like

me who has played, taught, coached, and administered sport, to have the opportunity to build and mold

a sport with no historical baggage in a (sporting) society plagued by unpleasant historic undertones and

experience. FootGolf, for me, is truly the first “democratic” sport in South Africa.

It is challenging but rewarding to be part of a team that is determined to introduce a new sport in a country where people have built their lives and sometimes their identities into and around other traditional sporting codes (i.e., golf and football). I believe that the opportunity we have been granted to participate in the upcoming FIFG FootGolf World Cup may and will change South Africans’ and possibly the African continent’s sentiments and views about this beautiful sport. Knowing that we are not only going to the FIFG FootGolf World Cup - Orlando 2023 to compete with the 38 other counties but that will be representing and showcasing Footgolf from not only South Africa but from the entire African continent is a victory and heart-warming achievement for us – but please note that we are not opposed to podium finishes.

So, in closing, it would therefore be appropriate to cite the American sports journalist, broadcaster, and author, Howard Cosell, in that: ‘The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.’”

Thank you, Norman. We look forward to meeting you and your team in Orlando!

Visit FootGolf South Africa Website


Mr. Norman Mphake is the founder and executive director of the Physical Education Institute and Sport Association (PEISA) and of FootGolf South Africa (FGSA). He is also the co-founder and Managing Director of International Fitness Professionals Institute (IFPI) as well as a director of HeadStart Kids.

PEISA is a multinational organization, committed to advocating for active engagement, skills development, debate and research, knowledge sharing and setting the foundation for a healthy, active, and physically literate populace, through meaningful partnerships and strategic collaborations.

FGSA is the official governing body of FootGolf in South Africa. A new hybrid

sport. FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of football (soccer) and

golf. The game is played with a regular #5 football at a golf course on

shortened holes with 53-centimeters diameter cups. Similar to golf, the object of

the game is to get the ball into a hole (cup) in the fewest possible number of

kicks. A round of FootGolf consists of playing 18 such holes.

IFPI was established to address the need to produce professional staff for the

Fitness Industry and to seek the requisite professional recognition for the trainers

and consultants, consistent with other professional bodies, through the

provision of high quality, affordable and accredited Health and Fitness

education and training opportunities.

Headstart Kids, is a philanthropic organisation set up to combat micronutrient

deficiencies (hidden hunger) in children within the early childhood

development (ECD) sector.

Mr Mphake is the content expert and host of the #Active4Life TV show. #Active4Life is

a new interactive, informative and bespoke Quality Physical Education edutainment

show, presented by the Physical Education Institute and Sport Association (PEISA) in

partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and 2Enable Enterprises.

The show, which is televised on DBE TV Openview HD (OVHD) platform – channel 122

and uploaded on the YouTube channel, is designed to entice, enthuse and enlighten

learners, teachers, parents and society at large, to support the establishment of healthy lifestyles, behavior and learning in schools, by placing physical activity at the

heart of the school and beyond.

Mr. Mphake’s academic expertise is in the areas of Physical Education, sport coaching, administration, and talent identification with a higher degree from La Escuela Internacional de Educación Física y Deporte (International School of Physical Education and Sport) – in Cuba. He has experience in policy development and implementation, with a keen understanding of government systems, having worked at all three spheres of government. He has served as a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) – Coaches Commission. He has also been an active member of the Board of Directors for Leisure and Recreation South Africa (LARASA). LARASA was formed with the purpose of promoting recreation and leisure as a profession and to create an enabling environment for a unified professional body to promote recreation and leisure as an essential service in the public and private sector.

Mr Mphake serves as a member of the Social and Human Science Sector for the South African National Commission for UNESCO (NATCOM). In October 2016, Mr Mphake was appointed as the National Coordinator for the UNESCO Quality Physical Education (QPE) Policy Project. The QPE project is part of a process whereby UNESCO, as the UN agency mandated for sport, education, and peace-building, has joined forces with partners to promote recognition of physical education’s broad-based social and development benefits and to practically support governments revise national policy to be inclusive and child centered.

Mr Mphake’s area of expertise include:

• Multi-stakeholder relations and co-ordination;

• Strategic policy alignment;

• Skills development;

• Content and curriculum development; and

• Early Childhood Development and Basic Education practices.


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