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The Two Apps for ORLANDO 2023

Updated: Jun 9

Do not miss the Action. Watch the World Cup Live and Follow All Leaderboards in Real Time!

In a short personal video recorded 5 days before the event, the organizer explains why those who want to follow the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup Orlando 2023 should download the only 2 official apps to follow the biggest event in the history of "The Best Game Ever Invented".

You need 2 Apps to WATCH the 4th FIFG FootGolf World Cup @orlando2023 LIVE and to FOLLOW THE LEADERBOARDS in the 3 individual categories + the 3 team categories. They're both available on iPhone and Android mobile devices.



* Also available on most streaming platforms, Smart TV's and some cable boxes.

Download the World Cup App on your Mobile Device BELOW

Google Store **

You can also search for BLUEGOLF on your Android and you will find the logo of the World Cup in their list of apps.

Apple Store

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